About Us

A Vision To Penetrate The Business World With IT Legacy

TekSmart is a team of Salesforce and Oracle experts that focuses upon delivering full lifecycle digital transformations and providing expert technical consulting services to companies from different industry verticals. And till date, we have successfully completed digital transformations in some of the prominent organizations.

With a team of 30+ certified Salesforce experts including architects, developers, consultants, and administrators we are trying to solve our clients' most crucial IT problems and helping them seize new opportunities. At TekSmart you can expect the best yet cost-effective Salesforce implementation, development, integration, consulting, and managed services according to the latest launches and updates in Salesforce products.

From support in remote project management to customizing your existing technology, we have Salesforce proficiency like very few companies in the industry.

Our Vision

We at TekSmart envision blending the human brain and technological capabilities so that companies can harness the power of digital transformation and keep the momentum going. We want to empower organizations to build sustainable competitive advantage and drive constructive societal impact by unlocking the utmost potential of Salesforce solutions. Our ideology and intentions make us distinct from our competitors, and we visualize a global presence of TekSmart. We want to be known as one of the most motivated and experienced teams of Salesforce professionals with utter proficiency in management, consulting, and technology designing.

Our Team

Transformation is a long game, and with the right team, you can stay equipped and future-ready, always in the process of digital transformation. With our team of Salesforce certified professionals, you will experience the real diversity of people, experience, culture, knowledge, and goals. And you will also experience the power of having the same vision. A vision to implement Salesforce the most efficient way possible. Our team vows to dedicate themselves to help you experience the magic of digital transformation.

They will make you aware of the emerging Salesforce solutions and will make you understand what your business needs to stay up-to-date and relevant. We make you reimagine your business and enhance your business performance.

Our Approach



  • Identifying digital transformation objectives
  • Building complete description of business opportunities
  • Establishing metrics to assess further progress


  • Creating prototype to verify business assumptions
  • Testing the chosen technology
  • Tracking the response to the planned change


  • Leveraging comprehensive expertise to build solutions
  • Integrating digital technologies across organizations
  • Creating fundamental changes in business operations


  • Testing efficiency of all new technologies
  • Training in-house teams including trainers
  • Transferring knowledge about new technology transformation