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The biotech and pharmaceutical companies are trying to prevent high operating costs to bring new drugs into the market with new hypotheses. Cell & gene therapies are the latest revolution in the biopharmaceutical industry. Gene therapy is the introduction, removal, or change in the content of a person’s genetic code with the goal of treating or curing a disease. Cell therapy is the transfer of intact, live cells into a patient to help lessen or cure a disease. The cells may originate from the patient (autologous cells) or a donor (allogeneic cells).

Cell & gene therapy involves various phases; patient enrollment, apheresis, shipment of the collected bags to the manufacturer, track the shipment back to the infusion center and infuse the cells back into the patient, administering the drug to the patient. All these phases are regulated by the FDA. Every phase is crucial from the regulatory standpoint.

At TekSmart, we have the proven track record of implementing Salesforce to track each stage of this process. We have used Salesforce Health Cloud, Field Service and Experience Cloud (Communities) to implement the following for one of our clients:

  • Set up Hospitals, create affiliations among Hospitals, HCPs (Health Care Professionals), and Therapies etc., in Salesforce Health Cloud.
  • Ability for HCPs to enroll patients using the Experience Cloud.
  • Capture the Chain of Custody (COC) and Chain of Identity (COI) events in Salesforce.
  • Track different stages from Cell Collection by an Apheresis Operator to receive the cells by a Cell Lab Operator to Shipment of collection bags to the manufacturer.
  • Schedule Apheresis as well as the Infusion appointments based on the availability of both Hospital and the Manufacturer.


The healthcare industry is embracing new strategies to be a part of the digital transformation wave. Mostly all healthcare organizations are trying to meet the expectations of today's patients. And in their journey, technology is playing a pivotal role. Taken from security improvement to patient care, implementing the right technology has helped the healthcare industry maintain quality treatment and gain better patient satisfaction.

Additionally, with great insights derived from clinical, financial, and operational data, TekSmart tries to make healthcare organizations more efficient. As our team of professionals understands the life science and healthcare industries and all the complexities involved, they connect your healthcare venture with top-notch technology services and solutions using Salesforce Health Cloud.

Either it's about customizing your hospital's overall management system or instilling the latest technology in your current IT solutions, TekSmart possesses hands-on experience and knowledge in all. We work with the best possible technology solutions, to provide flexibility and agility to your healthcare organization.

  • Salesforce Health Cloud CRM solutions.
  • See a complete view of the patient with integrated data from EHRs, wearables and more
  • Make smarter care decisions from a single console
  • Engage with patients across their caregiver Networks and on any device



TekSmart brings you exclusive higher education technology services backed with the massive experience and insight of our professionals. We aim to develop solutions by collaborating with the team having expert professionals, who have developed a massive understanding of IT solutions used in the education sector. We believe higher learning institutions demand IT solutions with the capacity to achieve rapid flex and adaptability as per dynamic conditions. The most suited presentation of learning requires the systems to function as per agile networks and further meet the benchmark of required data security. At TekSmart, we help businesses achieve all of it while maintaining budgetary requirements. Our IT services require popular global software, solution and cloud to make learning dynamic for the institutions. We provide services to higher education institutions, research institutions, school districts, and various other institutions at distinct levels. Our IT solutions facilitate,

  • Agility to perform exams in the classroom or remote locations.
  • Storage of local data on all the devices.
  • Signatures and encryption for privacy and security.
  • Dynamic examination within the cloud.
  • Developing accurately structured exams by opting for common types of questions.

Financial Services

Digital transformation is more important in the finance sector, and sometimes the need is more than in any other industry. The reason is simple. Trust is fundamental to the success of any financial business. As a financial service provider, you are the one who's responsible for your customers' financial well-being alongside matching their commercial objectives without fail. The studies show that only one-third of the consumers trust financial service businesses. And to build better dependability, organizations must try and improve their operations continually.

At TekSmart, we passionately dive into bringing innovative technology solutions to provide real value to the customers of financial organizations. As a purpose-driven and vision-inspired service provider, our team helps your organization execute human-centric financial technologies to improve your business operations that drive customer loyalty.

Our team works to:

  • Provide value to your customers and employees
  • Connect you with the right technology and services
  • Form a unique ecosystem aligned with your business objectives
  • Enable real time artificial intelligence across the entire workforce
  • Make your financial organization more customer centric and data driven