As a leading IT consulting firm, TekSmart specializes in providing highly effective and innovative end to end solutions with our following IT consulting services


Implementation Service

TekSmart's implementation services provide structured and comprehensive approaches to help our customers achieve best results for your implementation. We make the perfect homogeneous mix of our years of experience and deep understanding of different industries and technologies for successful software deployment that helps in business advancements. We pick up the best-proven practices during the design, development, and deployment of a project.

We align with our customers' methodologies to produce a faster return on investment during all our implementation projects. Our implementation experts smoothly and successfully deploy the most complex solutions by working together and engaging the customers directly. We at TekSmart will ensure your success through planning, implementation, risk management, execution, and continuous delivery with best quality. At TekSmart we:

  • Develop a clear statement of requirements for the features and functionality of the new system or tool.
  • Identify and optimize the underlying business processes that will be affected by the new software.
  • Plan every detail of development and deployment carefully, and continually assess and amend your plans.
  • Put project management and change management in the foundation of your software implementation plans.
  • Communicate early, communicate often, communicate consistently and communicate with everyone—including partners and customers.
  • Use best industry specific practices to deliver smart solutions on time.


Business Consulting

We aim at reducing organizational inefficiencies with tailored business consulting services. Our team of experienced business consultants provides guidance and market insight no matter what stage you are in your industry. Our business consultants can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete with current market trends.

Our business consulting service includes helping companies adapt to new market dynamics, enabling the right tools to prevent disruption in business operations, incorporating the right technologies for remarkable digital transformation, and more. We primarily focus on bringing in sustainable changes and establishing platforms for continuous improvement in business processes to help companies thrive.

With a team of subject matter specialists and their extensive experience in business consulting, we help our clients deal with their unique challenges and navigate and manage the most complex projects they handle.


Managed Services

Many companies find it challenging to administer and manage every component of their business. Especially when they are dealing with a technology environment. Companies must focus on their core business competencies and leave the rest to experienced hands to simplify the process. Our managed services are tailored to offer unique solutions with a perfect blend of industry-leading practices, technical expertise, and support.

Our team of expert professionals will take out your stress of managing software applications. We at TekSmart, provide complete software management services from solution initiation to managing the solution after delivery of the product. Our Manages Services team gives our customers peace of mind allowing them to focus on growth and their business goals. Our managed services include:

  • Production Support: Many organizations move on quickly from one project to other project. We offer our expertise in maintaining the existing application while you can focus on your new project.
  • Continuous Development: Any organization will have requirements to enhance their existing application on a constant basis. Our experts will quickly delve into your existing application and will help your continuous development in a seamless way.
  • Release Management: Any software has frequent releases to fix known issues or some new features. This may tend to break your existing application. Our experts will evaluate the new features/fixes of your existing software and will work diligently to avoid any unwanted bugs/issues introduced into your application.


Staffing Augmentation

Your business deserves the most experienced team to meet your company's goals, and we can become a trusted partner to help you build the strongest team with the right tech talents. Our experts are available to our customers for project needs when you need an extra set of hands. We guarantee the best services and top-notch professionals.

TekSmart builds a bridge between highly skilled professionals and your organization for permanent and temporary placements. Whether you require one person or an entire team to work on your projects, we find the right remote or onsite talent who is ready to work with you.

With vast experience in IT staffing service, our recruiting specialists can quickly screen through numerous resumes to find the best-suited talent that you need. We know at the end, results matter, and so does time. Thus, we engage the right workforce in no time that helps to keep your company moving forward. No matter what you need, we have a vast pool of talent to meet your expectations.


Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Whether you want to establish your own team in India without the hassle of setting up an overseas branch office or cut your employee costs by shifting your projects to a low-cost offshore development center in India, we can help you. At TekSmart, we take away all the hassle involved while setting up your own offshore development center in India by managing it on your behalf. Taken from all the incorporation of subsidiary firm to hiring activities, including training, non-disclosure agreements to taking care of all the HR activities such as payroll, benefits management, and more, we take care of many things for you within the agreed timeframe.

We invest our time understanding your current requirement and future plan to provide customized solutions at every step. With years of experience and practice in offshore office management, we have helped many clients to start their operations in India in less than 30 days.

We screen through a pool of top talents in India to build a dedicated and high-performance team for your company. And with access to various commercial spaces, we can build high-end office setups for you with world-class office infrastructure and amenities. Whether you are looking for the best IT infrastructure, seamless communication infrastructure, or anything concerning your offshore business set up in India, TekSmart got you covered.

With TekSmart, you can:

  • Hire Dedicated Resources: Our offshore management services are for you to take small steps before jumping into a complete swing development phase. If you want to hire dedicated resources in India to work for you and only you, we will get that for you.
  • Hire A Team: If you want to start transforming your idea into a business with a team, we have the right solution for you. TekSmart brings in an entire group of experts, starting from strategy planners, system architects, designers, coders, to testers to dedicatedly work for you all the time to make your dream come true.
  • Have Your Own Setup: If you want to have your own office set up in India to expand your business or to shift your projects to low-cost infrastructure, we got you covered. Our service experts take all the hassle to set up your office. And if you think that you need to worry about how to manage your office, let us take care of that too.

Proof Of Concept

Sometimes it's hard for you to judge if a technology will suit your needs. Our team of business analysts and solution architects works diligently to achieve your goals. Our team at TekSmart allay the fears by building a POC that is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solution before we start the development. You try to bring in a new digital experience to the market. But it doesn't just happen overnight. Most organizations face challenges in deciding which technologies they must use.

TekSmart's prototyping framework allows your product teams to test, validate and refine digital experiences quickly to unlock innovation and improve customer experience. Our prototyping framework begins with gathering customer insights, identifying the major pain points of your users, and ideating solutions to those problems. We undergo rounds of design sprints to develop ideas further and design prototypes. And everything we do happens within a short and defined timeframe to help you produce tangible outputs within a fixed period. Our framework and prototyping service includes:

  • Defining the critical essentials to explore the functionalities and further support visualization of the user journey.
  • Working beside wireframing that includes visual mapping of individual screen layouts and the entire user journey to consider the most suited UI & UX practices.
  • Offering extensive prototyping by adding the required interactivity within the wireframes to highlight the systems' workflow and accordingly determine significant business scenarios.

Working Process

Our 4-Step Work Process to Awesomeness



We know you have an idea that will have a significant impact on your business. But before jumping into designing and developing, we try to understand exactly what problems it will address.



In the next step, we focus upon innovation. With all the necessary resources, we determine a starting point towards your ultimate growth goals. We have a systematic approach from ideations to creation.



Now we have done with the figuring out part, and the next thing is to get it done. We have all the predefined steps to actualize the plans that we have ideated in the last stages.



The last step of our work process is the delivery phase. And here, our project lifecycle ends. We deliver your project or initiative after a few distinct stages, including development, testing, and readiness.

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